RECON Extreme Duty Odor Counteractant

RECON Extreme Duty Odor Counteractant

Predator 1200 portable air scrubber for construction dust control

Air Scrubber PREDATOR 1200

Mobile Containment Kit

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Save money by purchasing a containment unit with an attached caddy to carry an air scrubber (not included) at lower cost than purchasing the caddy and unit separately. The Aire Guardian AG3000MCCC Mobile Containment cube Kit  contains and controls dust, debris & other particulates when working above drop ceilings or inside wall cavities. Unlike competing products, the Aire Guardian unit is manufactured with sealed seams which last longer than stitched seams that rip apart easily. Includes 10' enclosure, frame and wheel base. This kit contains a stainless steel caddy to easily move an attached air scrubber.  Additional equipment available includes: air scrubbers, an anteroom attachment, and all filters used in any of the systems.

AIRE GUARDIAN® AG3000MCCC Mobile Construction Cube & AG-CADDY Cart

  • Reusable mobile cube for particle containment 
  • Fast & easy wall and ceiling access all in one unit  
  • Precise height adjustments up to 10 feet  
  • Accommodates up to 900 lbs of evenly distributed weight 
  • Roomy enough to hold a worker with an 8 foot ladder 
  • Top closes & seals for full particle containment  
  • Caddy allows portable air scrubber to remain connected to the AIRE GUARDIAN module during transport

We also offer a wide variety of parts and additional systems!  Call us for more information or options including anterooms, bed isolation modules and more.  Please note:  does not include air scrubber as pictured.

Please call us prior to your order to confirm shipping options and availability.

The AG3000 Containment Kit is also available for rent through our sister company Northwest Abatement Rentals. Follow this link to learn more, or call us at 541-633-7793

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Construction and maintenance activities in health care facilities can release potentially harmful particulates into the air, such as dust and dirt particles,sawdust, drywall dust and Aspergillus spores that attach to these particles.This can occur during even seemingly minor activities, such as runningcable above a drop-ceiling grid or working in wall cavities.


Heavier, visible particles and debris as well as smaller particles that agglomerate(clump together) will resettle on floors and other surfaces.However, particles 10 microns or smaller are light enough to remain suspendedin the air for days, or even weeks, traveling through the facility onair currents. Studies have shown that inhalation of these particles can haveserious health consequences for sensitive patients.


The AIRE GUARDIAN MCC Mobile Environmental Containment Unit is an effective tool for negative-pressure containment of particles released into the air during work in ceiling or wall cavities. Its exceptional mobility makes it ideal for jobs where the cube must often be moved within the facility, such as running cable. Components include: an aluminum frame, which includes a top frame, a base, and four spring-loaded, upright poles; a fire-retardant PVC enclosure; and an aluminum cart. AIRE GUARDIAN Mobile Containment Cube (AG3000MCCC)

The Solution: The lightweight enclosure is made from a tough reinforced PVC material used to make military tents for harsh outdoor environments. Features include:


• Large zippered entry/exit doors on 3 sides

• Zippered top, for full access above drop-ceilings

• Double thickness floor for added strength & durability

• Zippered openings on 2 sides for wall cavity access

• Large, clear plastic windows on all 4 sides, for visibility

• Clear pouch for work orders and other documents

• Pass-through opening with a removable cover

• Portable air scrubber and HEPA vacuum ports Fast And Easy Assembly…


For additional product information view the linked YouTube video in the images above or here, or visit our abatement rentals blog here

One person can assemble the AIRE GUARDIAN MCC and have it ready to use in minutes. Color-coded alignment dots show clearly how components fit together, and the blue floor makes it simple to orient the enclosure around the frame. And, Easy To Use AIRE GUARDIAN MCC is easy to roll to the job site, fully assembled. It can be safely used while still mounted on the 900-pound capacity cart, with the caster foot brakes locked; or, the frame and enclosure can be removed from the cart and placed on the floor. The convenient and easy to use height-adjustment knob and the numbered slots etched into each pole ensure that each pole is set to the same height setting. The fully assembled AIRE GUARDIAN MCC is plenty large enough to accommodate a worker on a 6-foot or 8-foot ladder. For additional replacement filters and parts, please contact us! Made in the USA

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