Professional metal air scrubber machine to meet ICRA requirement for negative air

Metal Air Scrubber PAS5000

Mobile containment kit with stainless steel caddy and air scrubber (not included in kit)

Mobile Containment Kit

RECON Extreme Duty Odor Counteractant

RECON is a highly concentrated liquid odor counteractant formulated to treat surfaces after fire, water, or smoke damage. RECON neutralizes the chemical sources of malodors and leaves a pleasant and long lasting fragrance. Ideal for use in institutions, hospitals, apartments, restaurants, kitchens, and in any other remediation application.

RECON applies via spray, hand, or through mist fogging equipment. Sold in 1 gallon bottles.

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RECON is very versatile and may be added to other cleaning products including mop water to remove soap film from floors, walls and other washable surfaces. This product is nonflammable at usage dilution, and is highly concentrated making it very economical to use. This product is fortified with a super concentrated odor counteractant and pleasant light fragrance to leave smoke damaged surfaces and rooms smelling fresh and clean without overpowering the area.

Dilute RECON between 1:8 parts water to 1:32 parts water depending on the severity of the remediation needs. This dilution ensures that 1 gallon of RECON can be used to treat a very large amount of surface area. In addition to extreme remediation applications, diluted RECON can also be used in geenral household cleaning applications.

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