Surface Protection Customer Testimonials

Product we needed for remodel job was available. Floor protection as well as N95 masks and covers for workers. Staff was super friendly and quick to respond to all questions. Definitely recommend.
Brian Leahy
Brian Leahy Construction

We got a bunch of protection products for protecting wood floors, doors, dust management, etc. for a remodel project. It's all working great, and glad we could source from a friendly local company. 
Mike Spencer 

I buy from here for our construction products in California. great selection and customer service that is unparalleled. The best!
KC Lowen

We appreciate all of your help with the fast response and delivery of product for the casino. I will definitely be utilizing your company for future projects. 
Brent Markham
Absher Kitchell

We have purchased from Builders Site Protection in the past – Pat is great to work with. The products are good quality and they ship promptly.


Thank you, 

Annie Olson | OES Specialties



Thanks!  We got it (Hepa Vacuum) and it is out in the field being used, looks like a real nice unit

Thanks again for all your help! You run a great business

Randy GRC Builders


Thank you Patricia, you have been great to work with and my employees all say the same.



James Dijeau

Dijeau Poage Construction 


Our team loves the air scrubber - amazingly the people working on the job like it more than the homeowners - I think that because they appreciate being able to work all day - day after day in a cleaner environment. and that alone makes it pay for itself with each job we use it on.  It doesn't scrub a real heavy dense dust like what comes with a concrete cutting or a heavy day of drywall sanding dust - as the filters clog up too fast - so we are experimenting and I'm sure will find a better way to deal with it - but it works like a charm all the other times. And the homeowner do appreciate it as well. over all it was a good purchase that I would do again. Thanks for your input on the purchase

Randy GRC Builders

We received the tape just fine, thank you for the follow up.  And thank you for being open to the USPS shipping, I find that many times retailers are not interested in trying to change their options.
You provided great customer service and I will recommend you in the future.

 “I ordered the product from a company called Builders Site Protection at www.buildsitepro.com.


They sell a lot of great products check them out. One of my favorites is the UV protective tape same cost as duct tape when bought by the case and is thick with no residue when peeled off. (Name Confidential) should be required to mask of windows with this stuff.  (Name Confidential) should require products like this to keep the anodized aluminum looking great until the end of the job.


Pat, please email these guys back and send them a catalog there is a huge market for your products in Hawaii if the word can get out to Builders and suppliers!”


Armstrong Builders, HI 

 “Thanks Patricia.  (Name confidential) is our Purchasing Manager.  Dave had good things to say about your products.  I walked our new $1.5MM + homes and some items were wrapped (though poorly) and some were not and showed damage, scratches, etc.    We need to start using your products right away.”



Pardee Homes, CA 

"It has been a pleasure working with Builders Site Protection. I know I can count on you to deliver products in a timely manner and I greatly appreciate your efforts at promoting our retail sales.”


- Hela,

Purchasing Manager at Bruce Bauer Lumber (Distributor) 

 “I have to say that I am very impressed with your customer service and I thought the store display you arranged was fantastic. You guys are great!”


- Paul,

General Manager at Hayward Lumber (Distributor)