Presidents Biography

Throughout her career, our founder Pat has always had a passion for helping people meet and overcome challenges. She began her career in research science with a degree in Cell Biology. One of her first jobs was conducting AIDS research at U.C. San Diego. Pat's research on viral resistance to drugs helped pharmaceutical companies create the retroviral therapy in use today.

Patricia Mullen

After 25 years working in academia and biotechnolgy,  Pat was ready for a new challenge.   She had always dreamed of being a business owner but had not had the opportunity to pursue that passion. After listening to her architect brother and builder friends complain about damage to expensive finishes and the great costs of repair and replacement, she knew she had found her niche.  Her analytical thinking and background in bringing new products to market were a great fit for her new surface protection product company, Builders Site Protection. 

Pat started Builders Site Protection in 2004 while still working full time as a scientist.  After designing, applying for patents and outsourcing manufacture of 4 new products, the company soon took off.  DoorGuard was an immediate success as there was no door protection on the market and builders were eager to use this new, low cost and functional door protector.  In addition, Toilet Sheath, T1 Threshold protectors and UV threshold tape were also brought to market. Since then, she and the Builders Site Protection team have developed many award-winning innovative surface protection products that have saved builders millions on repair and replacement costs.  "Our goal is to save builders and contractors time and money by preventing damage to installed finishes" says Pat.  In 2013, Builders Site Protection was relocated from Vista, CA to Bend, OR and continues to serve our customers throughout the entire US and Canada.    

In addition to designing and manufacturing new products, Pat is always seeking out new protection products to help customers.   She works closely with other inventors and has included their unique products for sale including Polygrabber T-clips, and popular Edge-Guard containment panels. Both residential and commercial builders appreciate that Pat is always available to help them and is quick to offer solutions to their particular protection needs.

In 2018, Builders Site Protection invested in Northwest Abatement Rental, a minority specialty rental equipment company to help contractors and homeowners deal with water intrusion, smoke from fires or to work in hospital settings.