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Coverguard Economy 25 mil (36 in. wide x 180 ft long)

PolyGrabber (pack of 50)

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NEW! Save time and effort when installing plastic sheeting on a T-Bar drop ceiling. PolyGrabber clips are designed to be used every two feet and help you quickly hang a wall of plastic sheeting for tenant improvement or construction. Unlike other methods of attaching a dust barrier, polygrabbers hold the dust barrier tighter to the ceiling so the barrier won't sag or fall down. PolyGrabbers are designed for use with standard 15/16" grid systems only. Sold in bags of 50 pieces, each bag will hang 75 to 100 linear feet of poly sheeting.
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Create a professional looking plastic barrier in minutes! The polygrabbers can hold plastic up to 12 mil thick are designed to hold plastic every two feet. These unique clips allow you to avoid using the old methods of duct tape, wire, nails, screws and tucking the plastic under tiles in order to install a dust barrier.


User must ensure T-Bar grid system is structurally sound and will hold the plastic sheeting. The polygrabber clips are not designed to create a completely sealed dust proof barrier.

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