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Amazing Air Purification Performance in a Portable Scrubber. An easy to use, high quality negative air machine. With next-generation technology, the PRED750HC features a unique, updated double-wall polymer cabinet and design that produces exceptional airflow and durability to make your jobs easier and more profitable. With an amazing peak airflow of up to 750 cfm – up to 50% more than the competition – the PRED750HC can help you get the job done faster and better using fewer units. Yet the ergonomic PRED750HC is more compact than other units, weighs only 35-pounds and operates on 1.9 amps or less!

We also offer Air Scrubber rental options through our sister site Northwest Abatement Rentals. Click here to learn more about rental options and pricing for the Predator 750. 

Ask us about the high efficiency carbon filter option to remove odors such as smoke and paint!
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Incredibly Lightweight, Compact and Powerful

The 34-pound PREDATOR® model PRED750HC from Abatement Technologies® is the lightest and most compact HEPA-filtered Portable Air Scrubber available today! The variable-speed PRED750HC produces an impressive peak airflow rating of 200 cfm to more than 750 cfm, yet draws only 2.5 amps or less.


Ideal for smaller containment areas and use with mobile containment cubes in construction areas, the PRED750HC can be easily hand-carried via the top handle, or stacked two or three high on a 2-wheel hand truck. The virtually indestructible high-density, polyethylene cabinet and a motorized impeller rated for up to 100,000 hours of use with no maintenance keep the PRED750HC running smoothly and looking good, year after year.


True HEPA Filter Saves Thousands of Dollars in Filter Replacement Costs

Some air scrubbers are equipped with filters that must be replaced after every job because the electrostatic charge they rely on to achieve their initial efficiency rating dissipates during use. Because the true HEPA filter in the PRED750HC maintains its initial 99.97% efficiency rating job after job, month after month, users can potentially save thousands of dollars per year in replacement filter costs.

High-tech features that set the PRED750HC PAS apart include:


  • Powerful-Provides 6 ACH @ 5,000-7,500 ft³
  • Special Cabinet-Microbial growth and UV inhibitors in the cabinet resin protect cabinet integrity
  • Easy to Clean-A special TEFGARD® finish makes the cabinet easy to clean and decontaminate
  • Effective & Economical Filtration-Comes equipped with two high-capacity particulate pre-filters and a true 99.97% HEPA filter. VAPOR-LOCK® Carbon pre-filter for odors is optional
  • User-Friendly Controls-A complete array of convenient controls enables users to continuously monitor the operating status of the PRED750HC
  • Secure Stacking-Multiple units stack and nest securely together to save space in a warehouse or van, or when operating on the job
  • Safety First-ETL-certified to meet UL and CSA standards for electrical safety and UL94HB flammability requirements for polymer cabinets housing energized electrical components

 Here's a link to an article on preparing a negative air space for construction:  http://www.articlebiz.com/article/1051649400-1-negative-air-filtration-and-your-jobsite-an-overview/

 Here's a link to using air scrubbers to clean smoky air due to fires:

Using Air Scrubbers to Remove Fire Particulates and Smoke from Your Home.

"Our team loves the air scrubber - amazingly the people working on the job like it more than the homeowners - I think that's because they appreciate being able to work all day - day after day in a cleaner environment. and that alone makes it pay for itself with each job we use it on. It doesn't scrub a real heavy dense dust like what comes with a concrete cutting or a heavy day of drywall sanding dust - as the filters clog up too fast - so we are experimenting and I'm sure will find a better way to deal with it - but it works like a charm all the other times. And the homeowner do appreciate it as well. Over all it was a good purchase that I would do again. Thanks for your input on the purchase" Randy GRCBuilders

This Air Scrubber is compatible with Mobile Containment Units we offer for sale and rental. To learn more about containment units/HEPA carts view the linked YouTube video in the images above or here, or visit our abatement rentals blog here

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