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Edge-Guard Temporary Wall 8' x 2' Anteroom

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Edge-Guard Temporary Wall 12' x 2' Anteroom

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Need a temporary construction enclosure that is easy to install and approved for hospital dust containment and infection control? The Edge-Guard Package 6005 has everything you need to create a reusable 12 ft x 2 ft fire resistant, anteroom enclosure. The panels provide an instant infection isolation solution.  Standard panels ship in Opaque color-call us for pricing on semi-clear and clear panels.

Many sizes and packages available, please call us for any panel configuration you need!  

Package 6005 components:

  • Qty 2 4' Panel Assembly
  • Qty 1 48" Panel w/44" Door-Lever Style Lockset
  • Qty 1 2' Panel Assembly with HEPA Discharge Port
  • Qty 1 2' Panel Assembly
  • Qty 2 2' Hinged Corner Assembly
  • Qty 12 Closure Strip
  • Qty 1 Panel Transport Cart

Optional (not included)  

This system makes it quick and easy for the contractor or hospital maintenance staff to create PROFESSIONAL AND FUNCTIONAL barrier system construction enclosure to simplify hospital infection control.  Panels are light weight and reusable and easily fasten together. Extruded aluminum and tough polycarbonate are used in the manufacturing process.  Panel systems can be reconfigured and expanded as needed.  

Please note: This items ships via freight, please call us to order. UPS is not available.

We also offer Edge-Guard barrier system rentals through our sister company Northwest Abatement Rentals. Follow this link for pricing and more, or call us at 541-633-7793. 

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Edge Guard is the most cost effective, reusable wall system on the market today.  One person can typically set up a 2’ x 12’ enclosure in less than an hour and breakdown in less than a half hour.  The system’s labor savings compared to using metal studs and drywall typically pay for the units in 2 to 3 uses.  The panels allow light to pass through creating a pleasant, safe work environment without the need of added temporary lighting.   When exiting the enclosure pedestrian traffic can be seen avoiding collisions.  Panels are easily cleaned and sanitized.  Use the panels to create anterooms, hallway isolations or free staning single or multi-room pods.

The light weight modular panels assemble quickly without the use of tools.

  • Standard Panels adjust in height from 7’-8” to 10’-0”. 
  • We also offer barrier panels that adjust up to 14'. 
  • Available in 12”, 24”, 36” and 48” wide panels.
  • Door panels have a hydraulic closer and lever style lockset with standard 2 ¾” backset. We also offer a programmable push button lockset.
  • Hinged corner posts allow for angled configurations.
  • There are porting options on the 24” panels for 8” diameter and 10” diameter HEPA exhaust and differential pressure monitoring.
  • Custom Engineered camlock fasteners join panels together. Custom grid clips secure panels to ceiling.

Panels are 7'-8" tall and extend to 10'-0". The adjustable upper panel, slides up to the height of the ceiling. To adjust the height you simply loosen the knurled knob on each side, slide the panel up to the ceiling, then retighten the knobs.

All panels include a self leveling channel on the bottom to compensate for unlevel floors. This channel has a neoprene gasket adhered to the bottom side to create a seal to the floor.
The sides of the panel contain closed cell gasket material to form a seal between the panels and the top of the panel has a 1/4" thick soft ether foam gasket to conform to the ceiling.

Grid clips and camlocks are included with the panels.

ASTM E-84: Flame Spread – 0, Smoke Developed – 85.  Class A. ASTM D-635 - Class CC1. These panels meet or exceed infection control guidelines. Hospital infection control departments appreciate the clean appearance of the barrier system panels, temporary wall, construction enclosures and the fact that they are easily cleaned and sanitized.   Fire & Smoke Resistance - NFPA Class A, UBC Class 1

An anteroom is a small separate barrier room at the entrance to a work area, with doors at each end. This small room is used to help maintain negative air pressure in the main work area, to put on and take off Personal Protective Apparel, and to add another layer of dust
control at the entry to a worksite.  The anteroom is also the place where workers will use a HEPA vacuum or damp wipes to remove dust from their clothing, PPE, tools and equipment leaving the work area. 

Please give us a call at 866-788-6886 for additional information on any Edge Guard products.  Here is a video with more information:


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