Containment anteroom 12' x 2' in Opal

Edge-Guard Temporary Wall 12' x 2' Anteroom

Predator 1200 portable air scrubber for construction dust control

Air Scrubber PREDATOR 1200

Stretch Wrap

90% of 100

This 18" x 2000' stretch wrap is ideal for wrapping interior finishes or designating areas off limits due to coronavirus. Using stretch wrap keeps surfaces clean and dust free throughout the duration of a project. Appliances, handrails, columns and nearly anything else can be covered in stretch wrap. Stretch wrap can also be a great surface protection product for moving, as it bundles items together and protects them from dust and damage. 

Our stretch wrap is 60 gauge, allowing it to support loads of up to 1,600 lbs. At 2000' in length, one roll of stretch wrap goes an extremely long way. 

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Use stretch wrap to isolate chairs in restaurants or meeting rooms to meet COVID-19 regulations. Can be used to maintain 6 ft between adjoining chairs or seats. Easy to apply and extremely cost effective to use.
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