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EZ-Up Double sided tape lets you create a dust barrier with ease! Provides a tight seal with plastic sheeting and features release paper for easy application. 14 day use. 1 roll 2" x 60' roll
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Dust containment is a crucial part of any job site. Controlling dust and debris not only prevents damage to surfaces, but helps maintain proper air quality. Strong double sided tape helps seal off dust containment systems to ensure both. Keep dust contained during the job, your customer will definitely appreciate it! To use, first test the tape in a discrete area on the surface you wish to apply the tape to. We recommend testing before applying to entire surface. Once tested, affix the tape in the area you wish to apply the plastic sheeting to. Once the heavy duty double sided tape is applied, carefully remove the release paper, exposing the second adhesive side. Carefully position the plastic sheeting and firmly press against the adhesive tape, creating a temporary dust containment wall or door. For best results, remove tape from surface after 14 days of use. Provides a heavy duty bond + tight seal with plastic sheeting 2″ x 60′ roll Up to 14 days of use Adhesive on both sides of tape Tape is easy to use
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