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Poly Latex Shoe Covers (Bag of 50 pairs) Size XL

EZ Floor Guard Dispenser Refill Pack

EZ Floor Guard Dispenser Refill Pack

EZ Floor Guard Dispenser

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EZ Floor Guards are a quick and easy alternative to cloth shoe covers. These guards work by attaching an adhesive plastic film on the bottom of workboots to prevent tracking dirt and debris onto a jobsite.

Simply step, pull, and tear. There is no need to manually attach a shoe cover or place the film yourself, as it is dispensed by stepping onto the included dispenser. This shoe cover system is compatible with all shoe sizes, and each roll of the adhesive film provides the equivalent of 250 pairs of traditional shoe covers.

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EZ Floor Guards are an economic alternative to traditional shoe covers. Floor Guard is a system in which a step-on dispenser attaches film to the bottom of a boot. There is no need to bend over to attach the film.

EZ Floor Guards are compatible with all boot sizes. Simply place the Floor Guards at entrances to a jobsite, and everyone entering the site can apply Floor Guards, preventing dirt and debris from being tracked on-site. Floor Guards can be stacked on top of another, so rather than having to remove the film every time you go outside, you can simply step back onto the EZ Floor Guard dispenser and add a new layer of clean film.

Each dispenser of Floor Guards contains roughly enough film to cover 250 pairs of boots, and refillable film packs are available. Item is sold as one dispenser, with one unit of Floor Guard film included. Refill packs are available.

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