Wide edge protector for door jamb

Edge ProTect; Box of 24, Window Mullion, Jamb & Edge Protection

Window Film Clear 60 day (24" wide x 600 ft long)

Clear Window Film with UV Resistance provides up to 2 months of window and glass protection.  This 1.7 mil Clear film is self- adhesive and easy to apply. Safe to use in hot climates up to 60 days. . Has greater UV resistance than the Standard Window Film (30 day use) and is easy to install. Color CLEAR

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Clear Window Film with UV Resistance protects glass during painting, stucco application, construction, remodeling, demolition, and tenant improvement for up to 2 months. Clear film is optimal when applying to windows in low light areas to allow as much light to enter the room as possible. It can be applied before or after the windows are installed. Windows can be opened and closed to maximize worker comfort and provide adequate airflow. Ultra Window Film has a clean release for easy removal without adhesive transfer. Designed to save you time and money.

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