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WindOcoat Window and Frame Protection, 1 gallon

WindOcoat Window and Frame Protection, 5 gallon

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WindOcoat protects not only the glass but also the primed window frame with a temporary peelable coating. 5 Gallons of WindOcoat can thoroughly cover 1000 square feet. WindOcoat can be applied via roller or by sprayer and can be safely used up to 365 days. Simple spray or paint on, let harden and then peel away protection at project's end. Works well in both areas of high humidity and dry climates. Size: 5 gallon can, that ships from manufacturing plant only. This product is compatible with Kynar finishes. 

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WindOcoat saves you time, money and a lot of hassle. This product is designed as a temporary window protection during construction or remodeling. Without WindOcoat, glass generally requires at least two heavy-duty cleanings before a job is finished. A recent market research study found that WindOcoat could save lots of dollars per construction project in cleanup costs. With WindOcoat you can say goodbye to these time- and money-wasting cleanups.


WindOcoat can be removed by peeling. It will turn white when wet but it will not come off unless peeled.  WindOcoat is water resistant when it is dry film. Water Resistant WindOcoat presents no fire hazard as received, during, or after application. WindOcoat is non-flammable in liquid or dry state.


  • Why Choose WindOCoat?

    • It is an easy-to- apply protective coating paint for windows & primed wood frames
    • It is sturdy & reliable, remaining firmly put on the glass or wood surface 
    • It is in liquid form, effortlessly applied by spray, roller or brush
    • It is removed in a breeze, as an easily peelable tint coating 
    • It leaves no residue after removal, protecting the substrate surface
    • It is water resistant & great for humid & dry climates 


WindOcoat is available in 1gallon, 5 gallon, 55 gallon & 110 gal/220 gal disposable tote tanks (call for pricing and availability). A 5 Gallon tank of WindoCoat will cover roughly 1000 square feet in thick and durable window protection.


The best way to apply WindOcoat 4880 is by airless spray. This product is formulated not to sag up to 24 mils thick. The product can be applied from 60F to 120 F.  Once the water has evaporated, WindOcoat can withstand temperatures of -20F to + 140F and still be flexible to peel in one sheet. The peeling has to be accomplished at 60 to 100F.  Below 60 F the coating is on the brittle side and above 110 F it is too soft and stretches on peel. 
This coating is good on outdoor exposures up to 12 months.

So WindoCoat your windows! It protects the glass, reduces cleanup times, and keeps your customers happy. It also helps you deliver a beautiful home, with glistening new windows; clean, unscratched windows! Builders Site Protection also offers peelable Window Films.



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