Dwyer DW-1122 differential pressure gauge for Edge-Guard

Differential Pressure Gauge

Edge-Guard Accessories

Edge-Guard panels can be used in a variety of ways to contain dust. Whether you need an anteroom with negative air, or a straight wall with door, there are numerous configurations possible, including using the panels on ceilings up to 15' high. Need a top? No problem, ask us about using the panels on ceiling that do not have T-bars. Call us for a quote on panels and accessories.
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Common accessories used with the Edge-Guard panel system include:

  • Grid clip assembly
  • Cam lock assembly
  • Closure strips
  • Hinged corner assembly
  • Screw Jack assembly
  • Digital Differential Pressure Gage kit
  • Pushbutton (vs Lever style) lockset
  • Panel transport cart

Door options:

  • 48" panel with 44" door
  • 52" panel with 48" door
  • 36" panel with 32" door

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