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The Dwyer Instruments DM-1122 differential pressure gauge is compatible with Edge Guard and other negative air containment systems. This kit comes complete with the hardware mounting points for the Edge-Guard negative air barrier systems. 

Note: this unit includes the bespoke mounting hardware for the Edge-Guard system - this specialty hardware is necessary for the quick use with Edge Guard barriers. 

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The Dwyer Instruments DM-1122 is a digital differential pressure gauge that includes the bespoke hardware needed for use with the Edge Guard barrier system. This monitor is necessary for monitoring air pressure in applications ranging from contsruction and remediation work to clean room operation. 

This unit features a differential pressure gauge value of -.25 to 0 to .25

9V Battery included. 

This kit features the necessary hardware for use with the Edge Guard system. Note - this gauge cannot be quickly used in an Edge Guard system without the included hardware. 

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