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Renovate Right EPA Brochure (Pack of 10)

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IN STOCK!  Renovate Right Brochures detail important Lead Hazard Information and are required by EPA for distribution to homeowners, healthcare providers, childcare providers and schools prior to the start of work.

Also includes important documentation of brochure distribution to be kept for 3 years.

Pack of 10

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The EPA passed the Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) rule that requires that contractors performing renovation, repair and painting projects that disturb lead-based paint provide these brochures to owners and occupants of child care facilities and to parents and guardians of children under age six that attend child care facilities built prior to 1978.

Title: Renovate Right: Important Lead Hazard Information for Families, Child Care Providers, and Schools

The rule affects paid renovators who work in pre-1978 housing and child-occupied facilities, including:

  • Renovation contractors
  • Maintenance workers in multi-family housing 
  • Painters and other specialty trades. 

Under the rule, child-occupied facilities are defined as residential, public or commercial buildings where children under age six are present on a regular basis. The requirements apply to renovation, repair or painting activities. The rule generally does not apply to minor maintenance or repair activities where less than six square feet of lead-based paint is disturbed in a room or where less then 20 square feet of lead-based paint is disturbed on the exterior, but this does not include window replacement, demolition, or prohibited practices.

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