Lead Ready™ Kit without Lead check™ swabs

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Don't be fined - be Lead Ready! Purchase lead contaiment supplies as part of our Discounted Lead Ready Kits. Kits contain only what you need so you won't need to purchase too many of one particular item.   The easy to use kit stores easily and makes RRP compliance less expensive.  Supplies available for individual purchase on separate web page. Featured in Remodeling Magazine as a cost effective aid to contractors!

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Lead Ready LRKT-CA gives 1 worker the convience of all lead containment supplies needed in one easy kit but without the additional of the Lead Check test swabs. Descriptions of parts listed below.



These kits contain top of the line products!

The coveralls are designed for worker comfort and the masks are the highest rated for particulate filtration. Save money and time purchasing top quality products at significant savings.

Hazard Tape BT-62: Warn the public of possible lead removal and contaminants with a non-adhesive 3 mil Hazard Barricade Tape. Stocked in 3" x 100' rolls. Caution, black letters on yellow tape.

Lead Sign LHS-1: Highly visible warning signs alert personnel to potential lead hazards. These 14" x 20" paper signs meet the new Federal OSHA 1926-62 ruling for job site safety. Black lettering on yellow sign.

Coveralls APC are made from a 3-layer material that is ideal for many situations where dry particulate barrier and repellency are needed. Worker comfort is greatly increased because Advantage Pro is lightweight, soft and breathable, ideal for hours performing lead removal or containment. It offers improved strength, splash and particulate resistance against many workplace hazards. When a durable, comfortable garment is needed, Advantage Pro is the ideal choice

The N95 mask has adjustable straps for a proper fit, a full nose/face seal, and an exhale valve. The N100 mask has the EPA recommended disposable mask properties for exposures to lead.

Safety Goggles SAP-0142C are made of a soft vinyl frame with a polycarbonate lens. The flexible frame molds comfortably to the face for a secure fit. The scratch-resistant, polycarbonate lens are clear. The goggles allow room for most prescription glasses and the adjustable headband provides a custom fit for any wearer. Various vent configurations in the frame allow airflow for cooling. ANSI approved.

Skid Resistant Cloth shoe covers are made from polypropylene and the XL size will easily cover work boots and shoes.

Precision-Grip Nitrile Gloves are entirely LATEX-FREE making them suitable for latex sensitive users. Strong, yet soft and flexible, these gloves are comfortable for extended wear purposes. Precision-Grip Nitrile offer unsurpassed tactile sensitivity, dexterity, flexibility and tensile strength. Lightly Powdered, with a beaded cuff for easy donning. Ambidextrous gloves are nine inches in length with micro-textured fingers for secure wet/dry handling.

Lead Safe wipes are heavy-duty, presoaked TSP (trisodium phosphate) wipes for the quick and effective removal of harmful lead dust. LeadSafe wipes meet all federal, state, HUD, and EPA guidelines for cleaning and removing lead dust.

Renovate Right - Important Lead Hazard Information pamphlet required by EPA for distribution to homeowners, healthcare providers, childcare providers and schools prior to the start of work.


In this video, Heather describes the various Lead Ready Kit components:



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