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Renovate Right EPA Brochure (Pack of 10)

Lead Hazard Sign spanish for construction

Lead Hazard Sign (Spanish) Pack of 100

Lead Hazard Sign (English) Pack of 100

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Highly visible warning signs alert personnel to potential lead hazards. These 14" x 20" paper signs meet the new Federal OSHA 1926-62 ruling for job site safety. Black lettering on yellow sign. English Language. Also available in Spanish. Pack of 100

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"CAUTION LEAD HAZARD -KEEP OUT" sign in Yellow. Renovators must post signs as stated in the EPA Renovate Right Rules clearly defining the work area warning occupants and other persons not involved in the Renovation Activities to remain outside of the work area. Also available in Spanish.

These signs should be in the language of the occupants. This complies with the new Federal Law mandated to take effect April 22, 2010. Printed on heavy weight paper. Size is 14.0" x 20".

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