Disposable Hood for lead dust

Disposable Hood (Box of 25)

Breathable coveralls for lead removal

Coveralls, Breathable (XL) Box of 25

Coveralls, Breathable (Size Large) Box of 25

Advantage Pro Coveralls are manufactured with a 3-layer material that is ideal for many situations where dry particulate barrier and repellency are needed. Advantage Pro coveralls provide an excellent barrier against water based liquids and are resistant to light chemical splash. Worker comfort is greatly increased because Advantage Pro is lightweight, soft and breathable.

These coverall do not have a hood or footwear attached as most workers prefer to be able to remove a hood or booties during breaks.

Packaging: 25 coveralls per case

Availability: In stock

The breathable coveralls offer improved strength, splash and particulate resistance against many workplace hazards. Advantage Pro coveralls are also treated with an anti-static agent. When a durable, comfortable garment is needed, Advantage Pro Coveralls are the ideal choice. Use these coveralls with the Advantage Pro hoods to provide full body breathable protection. Applications: Construction, lead,  asbestos, food industry, paint spraying, fiberglass handling, lab/biohazards, cleanroom, medical, general cleaning, metal surface treating, pharmaceutical industry, nontoxic liquid handling.

Color: White

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