Cabinet Armor temporary cabinet protection

Cabinet Armor Protection (CAP)

Custom Printed Cabinet Armor Protection (CAP)

Customization with your company name and logo on Cabinet Armor is great advertising opportunity! Cabinet Armor Protection is a breathable cabinet protection that features an adhesive strip of tape for quick and secure installation on cabinets. No tape or tools are needed for installation. 

Because Cabinet Armor is breathable, it allows for air circulation which ensures that cabinet finishes can dry while being protected. Roll size 32" wide x 60 ft long, total of 160 sq. ft. per roll.

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Customize your cabinet protection with your company name and logo!  Cabinet Armor Protection is a new, polypropylene based breathable cabinet protection. Featuring an adhesive strip at its top, Cabinet Armor is quickly applied to the top of cabinets to provide a protective barrier over the entire face of the cabinet. No tape needed! 

Stair Armor is sold in individual rolls of 32" high x 60 liner feet long. This size is ideal as it covers standard height cabinets. Perforations are included every 12" making Stair Armor quick and easy to tear to size with no sharp tools required. 

Because Cabinet Armor Protection is breathable, it allows air to flow through the protective cover. Product should not be applied to freshly lacquered or painted cabinets for 2 weeks to ensure that there is not a reaction with the tape.  Many customers report using product up to one year after application with no adhesive residue from the tape strip however the product is only guaranteed for 30 days post application.  

Logo printing available!  (minimum 100 rolls with 100.00 set up fee).  Show your clients that you care about their new cabinets.  Call us today for more information.


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