Terrazzo floor protection

Coverguard Economy 25 mil (36 in. wide x 180 ft long)

ALL PROTECT Adhesive Fleece

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New Product! ALL PROTECT is the perfect protection for cabinets, counter tops, elevators, floors and more.  Safe and effective protection of all kinds of surfaces that can remain in place indefinitely and remove cleanly. Due to its sticky surface it can be used horizontally and vertically, on many indoor surfaces.  ALL PROTECT is not breathable and should not be used on finishes that need to off gas or cure such as glue down wood floors or concrete floors.

ALL PROTECT can be used to protect appliances, elevators, doors, millwork, and most other household and interior surfaces. Simply stick the back of ALLPROTECT  to the surface you're protecting, and leave it in place. Guaranteed not to leave any adhesive residue, even after long term usage!

Its' outstanding adhesive strength enables horizontal and vertical applications.  

39" wide x 82 ft long, total of 273 sqft/roll. 

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ALL PROTECT is the perfect all around surface protection product!  It's an adhesive laminated composite, multi-functional, hard-wearing protective nonwoven material for long-term applications or repeat use. Safe and effective protection for all common interior surfaces. Elevators, glass panels, windows, floors, cabinets, millwork, appliances, stainless steel, and nearly all other common interior surfaces can be safely protected by ALL PROTECT. No taping is required either, as ALL PROTECT features a strong but safe adhesive backing that applies directly to the surface being protected.   



  • Non-slip surface

  • Safe, very adherent

  • 100% residue-free on removal

  • Absorbent (high liquid absorption rate)

  • 98 mil thickness & reusable


Here is an article that describes the importance of protecting elevators during construction. All protect make elevator protection easy!


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