VersiShield Guardrail System

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VersiShield is a new guardrail clamping product that allow contractors to quickly erect OSHA compliant guardrail and stair rail systems on open edge structures in many commercial and residential construction situations. The VersiShield clamp can be utilized on both horizontal balcony and bridge decks as well as odd angled structures such as concrete formed stairs. VersiShield is sold as individual units of 1 each.
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The VersiShield® Guardrail & Stair Rail System clamps directly onto the edge of the structure for safe, quick protection without drilling and easily adjusts for different slab thicknesses. The system tightens securely with one single tension bolt for simple installation and adjusts with a simle lift of the ring. All shipments include detailed installation instructions. An independent stress engineering report showing the effectiveness and strength of this system is available upon request, ensuring full OSHA compliance.

When using the VersiShield, drilling into the concrete or wood stair tread is not necessary because the clamping device swivels into place on odd angles and locks securely onto the edge of the structure. This system can be utilized on concrete deck and stairway structures in multi-story commercial and multi-family projects, as well as some residential pre-manufactured wooden stairway systems. The VersiShield adjusts for deck and stairway thicknesses up to 15 inches and installs quickly and efficiently.

The VersiShield stands on a one year guarantee and is proudly manufactured in the United States of America.Sold as 1 unit each.

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