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Trimaco Breathable FloorShell (Ram Board Equivalent)

Floorshell Seam Tape

Trimaco Heavy Duty Seam Tape is designed to hold Floorshell or Ram Board seams together. A much better value than standard Ramboard Seam Tape.  Each roll is 2.83" wide x 180" long. Designed with kraft backing and contractor grade adhesive.

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Trimaco's Heavy Duty Seam Tape is 2.83" wide to give more allowance to cover Floorshell or Ram board seams. This tape is 180' long giving you almost 10% more tape than Ramboard's thinner seam tape.  The kraft backing makes it easy to tear off and install as well as makes it recyclable. Because of its contractor grade adhesive, it should not be taped directly to finished floors and surfaces. Like most tape it is not vapor permeable and should be avoided in areas where curing floors need to breathe. If you need a heavy duty tape, use Trimaco's seam tape

  • Innovative liquid repellent technology for added protection
  • Earn up to 2 LEED points on projects seeking USGBC Certification
  • Heavy-duty paper board for temporary hard surface protection
  • Use printed side up
  • Blocks paint and stain
  • Impact resistant
  • Reusable
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