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Safety Boot Temporary Guardrail Protection (Contractor Pack 12 ea)

Safety Boot Temporary Guardrail Protection (Contractor Pack 24 ea)

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The Safety Boot Guardrail System provides contractors with a unique method of constructing free-standing, temporary guardrails that are fully reusable – even if all construction work is contracted to others. The special design and tough, high-impact polymer material allow fully compliant OSHA guardrail systems to be utilized for most fall protection situations with complete toeboard protection.


The Safety Boot anchors into most surfaces including concrete to create a strong, reliable free-standing temporary guardrail system. No bracing is needed.
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Residential Applications: The Safety Boot® Guardrail System protects potential home buyers and their families who drop by on the weekend to check out the progress of their new home. Guardrails can be kept on-site and easily installed as dangerous fall situations develop. Protect open areas in minutes and provide continuing fall protection throughout all construction phases, including drywall installation. Have 24 hour fall protection; Protect your job site BEFORE your workers leave for the day.


Commercial Applications: Commercial contractors can utilize the Safety Boot® Guardrail System for project perimeter protection, to secure elevator shafts, for stairway protection, and any situation where there is a fall exposure of 6 feet or more and mobile, repetitive use guardrail systems are needed. Third-Party stress engineering documentation is provided with all Safety Boot orders to present to an OSHA inspector in the event of an on-site project safety inspection. Contains 24 safety boots per case

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