Pro-vent Duct Protection

Pro-Vent ™ Duct Protection (Box of 50)

Custom Pro-vent duct protection

Pro-Vent ™ Duct Protection CUSTOM LOGO (Box of 100) Includes set up fee

Pro-Vent Duct Protection (Box of 10)

Pro-Vent™ duct register protection keeps dust & trash out of the ductwork during construction. The filter keeps small particles out, while allowing use of the furnace. Meets OSHA requirements for covering an opening in a walking surface. This surface protection product is made for Builders Site Protection by PRO-VENT Inc. Box of 10 each.

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Pro-Vents protect floor vent registers from accumulating dust and debris. Each cover measures 14" wide x 6" tall and is made with mounting holes and locator pins.  

 Fits over rough-in duct work


Easy Installation:

Use the locator pins to align Pro-Vent with the the duct opening. Screw the protection to the sub flooring using pan head screws. Remove Pro-Vent at the end of your job, rinse filter and reuse the surface protection on your next project!


Ask us about custom vents with your company name and logo!  Minimum order 100 vents and a small one time print charge of only $100.00   

Made in the USA

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