Vinyl tile protection during construction

Floor Film 36" wide x 500 ft long

Floor Film 24" wide x 200 ft long

Floor Protection Film is an adhesive film for cured surfaces (tile, stone, linoleum) needing short term protection. Can be used on counter tops as well as sealed floors. High Quality 3.0 mil film can be used for up to 45 days. 24" wide x 200 ft. long. Protects 400 sq. ft.

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Floor Protection Film provides temporary floor protection for tile, stone, linoleum, and factory finished hardwood. Product is a tough blue translucent polyethylene puncture resistant film that is reverse wound for fast and easy installation. Keeps Floors Clean!


  • Protects grout from stains and allows trades to work around flooring 
  •  Ideal floor protection during periods of construction, tenant improvement, demolition, remodel, or high traffic event. 
  • Specifically designed for jobs up to 30 days. 
  • Clean release for easy removal without adhesive transfer. 


Floor Protection Film demonstrates amazing strength and durability. Reverse wound for fast and easy installation. Our Floor Protection Film is manufactured with a superior water-based adhesive that can stand up to the most demanding jobs. It protects floors when needed yet can be removed at the end of the jobs without adhesive transfer. Floor Protection Film is designed to save you money! With easy installation and removal, Floor Protection Film is a fraction of the cost of cleaning, repairing, or replacing damaged floor surfaces. Increases customer satisfaction during kitchen remodels or new construction.

Made in the USA

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