Blue Vinyl Threshold tape 6"

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Need threshold protection for a short time? Our blue, vinyl trim tape protects door thresholds, window trim, curtain wall components, and other metal and aluminum finishes from scratching. Each roll is 6.0 mil thick and conveniently sized 6" wide x 60 yards long.
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Threshold and trim tape is your answer for shorter term threshold protection or in areas that do not have direct sunlight. This tape does have UV retardants however it does not hold up as well as award winning UV Threshold tape This economical threshold tape protects your anodized metal thresholds for shorter durations of use.  6.0 mil thickness.


• Soft PVC film coated tape, suitably elasticized and stabilized
• Coated with rubber-based pressure sensitive adhesives on one side
• Matte finish


1 roll tape 6" wide x 60 yards, 2 lbs each roll

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