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Wireguard 3 gang Residential (20 per box)

Dupont SureStep shoe covers XXL

DuPont SureStep Shoe Covers (100 pairs) XL

Wireguard 4 gang Residential (5 per box)

Wire Protection:  These 4 gang, wide, quality metal covers protect your wiring and are the only cover that will stand up to the demands of drywall installation.  Made from 18 gauge stainless steel.  These are PROFESSIONAL wire protection inserts that will last years unlike competing plastic covers.

  • Prevents Wires from accidental cutting with routers 
  • Keeps wires clean and free of mud
  • Safely protects wires from access by children
  • Saves time and money
  • 4 Gang, 5 per box

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Electricians and remodeling contractors: are you tired of dealing with severed wires or wiring coated with drywall mud? Try our 18-Gauge Wireguard™ wire protection!


When you take pride in carefully wiring your project, it is extremely frustrating to come back to a job site and see a mess in the electrical box. You leave the wires clean, straight, and professional-looking. The only thing left to do is attach switches and receptacles and you are done. When you return to finish the job, you find a mess of drywall mud or plaster caked in and around the box by a careless subcontractor. Wires may have been spray painted, making it impossible to tell what color the wires are. You may find the wires have been nicked all the way in the back with no room to splice them together. Even worse, you may discover that the router went through the side of the plastic box and now you have to replace that too!


Wireguard™ helps prevent expensive and time-consuming issues like these, keeping your work clean and organized.

Made in the USA

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