Trimaco FloorShell temporary floor protection

Trimaco Breathable FloorShell (Ram Board Equivalent)

White-Top Flooring Paper

White-Top Flooring Paper

Trimaco X-Board Surface Protector

Trimaco X-Board is a lightweight breathable surface protector that is a stronger alternative to builders paper and rosin paper. X-Board is breathable and reusable, as well as spill-resistant. Each roll is 35" x 100' totaling 292 sqft per roll.

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Trimaco X-Board Surface Protector is a lightweight alternative to FloorShell, but is also 2.5X thicker than standard building papers and rosin papers. X-Board is water and spill resistant, making it ideal for painting and other light-duty surface protection applications. X-Board is breathable, which allows it to protect newly laid floors and other curing surfaces without the risk of leaving any curing lines or damage. X-Board is 35" x 100' totaling 292 sqft per roll.

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