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Edge Pro™ Box of 12, 60" long

Edge Pro™ Box of 12, 30" long

Edge Pro™ is made from heavy duty V-board: a compressed cardboard with unbeatable impact resistance. These protectors are a full 0.225 in thick compared to competiting product that are a standard 0.07 in. thickness.  Edge Pro™ is reusable and provides great protection against impact damage on a variety of angled surfaces. They are sized 2" wide x 2" wide x 30" long and are shipped 12 per box.  This protection is a full 0.225 in thick!

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Use Edge Pro™ in commercial and residential hallways or on window sills to prevent impact damage. Protects against cord damage or appliance damage on hallway corners or wall edges.


  • Protect hallway corners from electrical cord damage.    
  • Adhere using painter' masking tape 
  • Re-usable! 
  • Two sizes available 


Edge protectors are an easy way to protect your window sills from impact damage. Tape back side of Edge Pro™ with painters masking tape. This allows the drywall installers to lift the protection for drywall application, then place it back over the drywall when installed. Edge Pro™ can also be used to protect door jamb edges using painter's masking tape.


The Edge Pro™ product is classified under the Recycled-Content Product (RCP) Directory at www.ciwmb.ca.gov.

 At Builders' Site Protection, we believe that manufacturing products from recycled materials results in many environmental benefits.

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