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Door Guard Plus (Fits 3'8" x 8 ft )

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Door Guard Plus (Fits 3'6" x 8 ft)

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Door Guard™ Plus is designed similarly to our standard residential Door Guard™, but it accommodates the wider doors found in hospital or retirement home projects that are 3' 6" wide and 8 ft tall. It is cut in on the sides to ensure complete door closure.  It can also be scored and used on a 3' door to protect the edges as pictured or altered for self closing mechanisms or panic bars.


Door Guard™ is an award winning, reusable, temporary door protection. It was the first door protection product to market and is made from heavy-duty reinforced BC-flute cardboard that is twice as thick and twice as strong as competitor's products. Door Guard has a crush test rating of 51 lbs/inch per ECT testing, the strongest protector available today!


The Door Guard™ Plus is the absolute best available product to prevent scratches and impact damage for wood & metal doors. Installs in minutes and is the only door protector on the market today that is completely green as no velcro or tape is needed for attachment! Please call us at 541-633-7793 for pallet discounts and freight quotes.

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Tired of dented and scratched doors? Whether you have inexpensive metal doors prone to dents, or top of the line wood entry doors, using Door Guard™ can save you money. Keep your punch lists to a minimum and keep your door installers hanging doors rather than repairing them.


This die-cut re-inforced B/C flute cardboard door protection is twice as thick and has double the protection that competitor's door protection have. Door Guard™ has a weather resistant finish and pre-measured cut outs for door hardware. It can be easily installed, removed and re-installed if necessary using our weatherproof bands. Door remains fully functional while protected! The Door Guard™ alleviates the need to hang false doors and allows door installation earlier in the construction process-saves you time!


Why is Door Guard™ superior to competing products?

ECT is a measure of the edgewise compressive strength of corrugated board. It is measured by compressing a small segment of board on edge between two rigid platens or plates perpendicular to the direction of the flutes until a peak load is established. This is measured in pounds per lineal inch of load bearing edge (lb/in), but usually reported as an ECT value.  Door Guard has crush value of 51 lbs/inch.  The strongest and most impact resistant door protector available!  


Door Guard™ is the original Door Protector and was the first on the market. It is the only door protection available that will work with automatic closing hardware. Just ask for our strapping kit rather than the bands! This door protection product is classified under the Recycled-Content Product (RCP) Directory at www.ciwmb.ca.gov. At Builders' Site Protection, we believe that manufacturing products from recycled materials results in many environmental benefits.

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