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The ZipRail™ Dual Seal is a great new dust control product that lets you create a dust-tight seal along the entire floor and ceiling without tape. Used with your existing ZipWall® barrier system, the new ZipRail accessory uses Zipwall's patented twist-locking spring loaded pole and two 4’ Foam Rail crossbars mounted top and bottom to push the plastic sheeting tight to the ceiling and the floor.


The ZipRail Dual Seal is the fast and easy way to get the best performance from your ZipWall dust barrier system.

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The ZipRail Dual Seal dust protection system is ideal for hospital construction, where dust often contains harmful fungi and mold spores. It’s perfect for demolition, drywall work and concrete restoration where fine dust can creep over and under the plastic sheeting. It can be used in abatement as well as mold remediation. And it is also ideal for flood and fire restoration where quick containment setup maximizes profitability.



The ZipRail Dual Seal is ideal for these applications:

  • Demolition
  • Hospital construction
  • Drywall work
  • Concrete restoration
  • Abatement jobs
  • Mold remediation
  • Flood and fire restoration and more…




  • Seals the ceiling and floor without tape
  • No ladders needed for set up
  • Span 4’ of ceiling and floor per ZipRail Dual Seal
  • Maximum height 10’ 3”




ZR1 contains one 10’ ZipRail pole (ZipPole) and two 4’ Foam Rail™ crossbars

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