plastic visqueen for construction 4 mil

Plastic Sheeting (10 ft wide x 100 ft long) 4 mil.

Plastic Sheeting (20 ft wide x 100 ft long) 6 mil.

Heavy Duty Plastic Sheeting can be used for dust protection or for landscaping. Great for use as a slip and slide in the summer. A great all around plastic protection. Thick, 6.0 mil plastic recommended for Zipwall dust barrier containment system.
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This is high quality thick 6.0 mil heavy duty plastic sheeting that can be used for a variety of surface protection purposes. Use in construction for Dust Control and protection against paint or stucco overspray. Can be used as a plastic barrier to retard weeds in landscape. Can also be used with water as a plastic slide for outdoor fun.

Don't be fooled by thin plastic films that tear easily and track paint. This thick plastic will stand up to heavy foot traffic, construction debris and more.
This product meets EPA requirements for lead containment

Works as a great barrier to weeds in garden

Sized 20 ft wide x 100 ft long.  Made in the USA

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