UV Threshold and Trim Tape (Case of 12 Rolls)

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T-X268 is the best threshold tape on the market. Its UV properties prevent flaking so it may be left on thresholds and trim in direct sunlight for months.  Case pricing discount:  Buy 11 rolls, get one FREE.

Few things are more costly than being forced to replace your metal anodized thresholds due to sun damage. Invest in UV-rated threshold tape from Builders Site Protection to protect your thresholds anywhere from one month to one year, even in harsh environments. Our UV-inhibited tape keep thresholds spotless from manufacturing to delivery.

Scratch-resistant. 4" wide x 180 ft. long. Case of 12 Rolls

Made exclusively for Builders Site Protection



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UV Threshold and Trim tape, T-X268, is the best door threshold tape on the market. Other threshold tapes are adversely affected by UV light, leading to flaking and adhesive transfer. Rather than saving time, these tapes cost more in time and money than not using protection at all! Our door threshold tape's UV properties prevent flaking so it may be left on thresholds for months, even in direct sunlight! It is scratch-resistant and comes in rolls 4" wide x 180 ft long.


  • Top of the line 9.0 mil thickness!
  • Easy to Install and Remove
  • Leaves no Adhesive Residue
  • UV protection prevents flaking and tearing
  • Inexpensive per linear foot
  • No other threshold tape can endure the desert heat without flaking or leaving a residue!



T-X268 can be used on swinging thresholds, pocketing multislide thresholds, and regular sliding doors while the door is installed!  Check out our customers' testimonial to the effectiveness of T-X268 threshold tape:


"We went to the jobsite and placed the UV tape on the  swinging door threshold .... They asked if we had anything for the pocketing multislide or the regular sliding door.  I told them I didn't think the doors would be able to slide over the tape.


Guess what.  I was WRONG!  We put the tape down over the tracks and then sliced it so that would could fold it down into the channels, and then w

 e placed another piece down in the channel itself.  The doors still SLIDES!  The tape is slick enough that the rollers still roll, and the channel in the panel itself glides right past and over the tape.  It's great!  We also put one on the regular sliding door with a standard sliding door sill, and even IT still slides.  It's a little harder to slide it, but the tradeoff in what the finished door sill will look like 6 to 8 months from now is well worth it."

UV Protection in both the tape and adhesive make this tape perfect for outdoor protection. The tape won't flake or chip

like competitor's tapes, saving you time and labor!


To learn more about Threshold Protection products, click here and read our published article about Door Threshold Protection.

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