ZipWall® is a dust containment system using adjustable poles, plastic sheeting and zippers to create dust free barriers. From pole sets to zipwall tapes, we carry an extensive line of dust control products from Zipwall. Keep potentially hazardous lead dust and lead waste safely isolated behind a temporary dust control wall using ZipWall products. Higher quality than knock-off products now available.

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  1. $257.90

    Zipwall Sidepack KIT

    Zipwall® Sidepack Wall Mount KIT includes six SideClamp wall...
  2. $323.48

    Zipwall 12' 4-Pack Kit

    Zipwall® 4 Pack Kit includes 4 anodized aluminum 12' poles,...
  3. $47.20

    ZipDoor Commerical Door Kit

    The new ZipDoor kit is a great way to create a dust barrier when all...
  4. Special Price $34.95 Regular Price $39.85

    ZipDoor Standard Door Kit

    The new ZipDoor kit is a great way to create a dust barrier when all...
  5. $24.10

    ZipWall Head and Plate Pack

    ZipWall® Head and Plate pack contains replacement head for spring...
  6. $52.44

    ZipWall Side Clamps (Pack of 2)

    ZipWall® Side Clamps create a tight side-wall seal. These clamps...
  7. $19.32

    ZipWall Non Skid Plates (Pack of 2)

    ZipWall® Non Skid Plates attach to the top of the ZipWall® poles to...
  8. $26.20

    ZipWall Heavy Duty Zippers 2-Pack

    ZipWall® Heavy Duty Zippers includes two self adhesive zippers, two...
  9. $9.40

    ZipWall Grip Discs (1 pack of 2)

    ZipWall® Grip Discs hold poles securely in place on floors with...
  10. $64.44

    Zipwall FoamRail Tapeless Seal 2-Pack

    Zipwall® FoamRail Tapeless Seal includes two 4 ft. long Foam Rail...
  11. $74.00

    Zipwall Carry Bag

    Carry Bag holds (12) Spring Loaded Poles12 ft or (6) 20 ft poles...
  12. $18.84

    Zipwall Zippers 2-Pack

    Zipwall® STANDARD Zipper, 2 pack. Attach to plastic sheeting to...
  13. $98.31

    ZipPole 10 2-Pack

    Low cost zipwall ZipPoles extend up to 10 ft. and save contractors...
  14. $210.90

    ZipPole 10' 4 Pack KIT

    NEW LOWER COST POLES: 4 ZipPole® steel Spring Loaded Poles, a head,...
  15. $296.16

    Zipwall 20' 2-Pack

    Zipwall® 20 Poles includes two 20' anodized aluminum spring-loaded...
  16. $459.02

    Zipwall 12' 6-Pack

    Zipwall® Poles includes six 12 ft anodized aluminum spring-loaded...
  17. $174.82

    Zipwall 12' 2-Pack

    Zipwall® Poles 2 pack includes two 12' anodized aluminum...
  18. $131.20

    Case of ZipWall Heavy Duty Zippers 12-Pack

    Case discounted ZipWall® Heavy Duty Zippers includes 12 self...

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