Air Scrubbers

HEPA-filtered Portable Air Scrubbers isolate and contain airborne particles within the work area, and help prevent contaminants from escaping into adjacent areas. Abatement Portable Air Scrubbers work by continuously filtering the air through a HEPA filter at a rate sufficient to create and maintain negative air pressure. Made by Abatement Technologies, these Portable Air Scrubbers are much lighter, more compact and far more mobile than traditional "big box" negative air machines.

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  1. $980.00

    Air Scrubber PREDATOR 750

    Amazing Air Purification Performance in a Portable Scrubber. An easy...
  2. $995.00

    Metal Air Scrubber PAS600

    The 600 CFM Portable, Metal Air Scrubber is Lighter and...
  3. $6,100.00

    Metal Air Scrubber PAS5000

    The Most Powerful Portable Air Scrubber Available for Large...

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