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Ram Board Painter's Board is an all-new temporary floor protection crafted for painting and light duty floor protection. Painter's Board is a spill resistant fiber based floor protection, and it is breathable - ensuring that no curing lines are left behind on newly laid floors. 

Painter's Board is sold in 35" x 50' rolls, totalling 145 sqft/roll. 

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Ram Board Painter's Board is an all-new breathable fiber based product from Ram Board. Painter's Board is breathable, ensuring that curing lines aren't left behind on new floors. Painter's Board is also spill resistant, making it ideal for protectiong floors against spilled paint, mud, and water. Painter's Board can be applied to hardwood, tile, terrazo, vinyl, and nearly every common interior finish. 

Painter's Board is thicker than rosin paper, and also won't leave behind red stains like rosin paper does when wet. Painter's Board is thick enough to withstand impact damage, but thin enough to be easily taped around hallway edges and fixtures.

Whereas standard Ram Board is 46 mils thick (making it difficult to wrap, tape, and cover specialty fixtures with), Painter's Board is 20 mils thick, allowing it to be easily bent to shape and taped around corners. This makes Painter's Board ideal for covering floors, interior hallways, walls, countertops, and kitchen fixtures. 

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