Cabinet protection foam mid size roll

Protecta-Foam™ Economy rolls (18" wide x 425' long)

Protecta-Foam™ LARGE Economy rolls (48" wide x 425' long)

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JUMBO SIZED, ECONOMY ROLLS  Protecta-Foam™ , save 30% off smaller roll pricing.  Taller size can be used on upper cabinets or to protect counter tops and cabinets in combination. Perfect size for elevator door protection or applicance protection too.   Protecta-Foam™ applies within minutes and will remove cleanly at project finish. 30 DAYS Recommended use. Do not use on cabinets that have been cleaned with chemical cleaning agents. Do not use on cabinets with dark, lacquered finishes. Keep your new finishes looking as perfect as the day they were installed. Roll size 48" wide x 425 ft long. Each roll covers 1700 sq. ft.

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Our largest sized Economy rolls of Protecta-Foam™ are made of 1/16” closed cell polyethylene foam laminated to a puncture-resistant high density polyethylene proprietary adhesive coated film. Protecta-Foam™ clings to your cabinets or other surfaces for fast, SAFE, easy application and removal. Product is perforated every 12 inches to allow trades to work around protection. Find out why many cabinet installation and plumbing companies have made Builders Site Protection's unique Protecta-Foam™ an integral part of their business model. Focusing on installation, rather than repair, has saved these customers time and money!


The patented adhesive used on Protecta-Foam™ makes application quick and easy.   Easy application - watch this Youtube video as Heather demonstrates how to apply Protecta-Foam™ to kitchen cabinets:



When Rapid Remodel TV needed a cabinet protection that was effective and quick, our Protecta-Foam™ surface protection was the perfect solution. With many different trades working in small areas at breakneck speed, this cabinet protection was invaluable!


Protecta-Foam™ works great as a tub protection too. Just cover the contours of the tub and you've got a scratch-resistant and water-resistant protection. Can be used under plywood as a low cost padding to protect against scratches. Although Protecta-Foam™ has safely protected thousands of wood cabinets throughout the U.S.A and Canada, always test the product on your particular wood finish to determine any adverse effects.


As with any adhesive product, be sure to test on your cabinet finishes prior to complete application. NOT to be used on shiny lacquered finishes or on cabinets that have been cleaned with chemical cleaners as the adhesive may react to the paint or cleaning chemical residue.

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