Protecta-Foam™ 6" wide x 425 ft long (30 day use)

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Protecta-Foam™ surface protection is the answer to scratch and dent protection.  This unique and easy to use product provides baseboard protection, cabinet toe kick protection, tub rim protection and more.  Often used as a protection for aluminum window frames and mullions.  Protecta-Foam™ applies within minutes and will remove cleanly at project finish. 30 DAYS MAXIMUM. Keep your new woodwork looking as perfect as the day it was installed. Roll size 6" wide x 425 ft long. The 30 day use Protecta-Foam should not be used on lacquered finishes. Each roll is 425 linear feet.



Protecta-Foam™ is made of 1/16” closed cell polyethylene foam laminated to a puncture-resistant high density polyethylene proprietary adhesive coated film. Protecta-Foam™ clings to your cabinets or other surfaces for fast, SAFE, easy application and removal. Product is perforated every 12 inches to allow trades to work around protection. Find out why many cabinet installation and plumbing companies have made Builders Site Protection's unique Protecta-Foam™ an integral part of their business model. Focusing on installation, rather than repair, has saved these customers time and money!


The patented adhesive used on Protecta-Foam™ makes application quick and easy.   Easy application - watch this Youtube video as Heather demonstrates how to apply Protecta-Foam™ to kitchen cabinets:

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