Temporary door protection during remodeling

Door Guard (Fits 3 ft. wide x 7 ft. tall)

Protecta-Foam™ 30" wide x 100 ft long

98% of 100

Protecta-Foam™ surface protection is the answer to scratch and dent protection on cabinets, counter tops, tubs, and many other surfaces.  Each 30" wide x 100 ft long rolls covers 250 sq.  ft.  Installs in minutes and provides a protective covering to your cabinetry.  

Click here to check out our published article detailing how Cabinet Protection can save you money!

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Protecta-Foam™ is a temporary cabinet protection with SAFE, easy application and removal.  This multi-purpose product is perforated every 12 inches to allow trades to work around protection. Find out why many cabinet installation and plumbing companies have made Builders Site Protection's unique Protecta-Foam™ an integral part of their business model. Focusing on installation, rather than repair, has saved these customers time and money!

Do not use on freshly painted or stained cabinets-new paint or stain must be completely dried for 2 weeks.  Do not use on cabinets that have recently been cleaned with cleaning products that may leave a residue that can react with the adhesive.  

The patented adhesive used on Protecta-Foam™ makes application quick and easy.   Easy application - watch this Youtube video as Heather demonstrates how to apply Protecta-Foam™ to kitchen cabinets:



When Rapid Remodel TV needed a cabinet protection that was effective and quick, our Protecta-Foam™ cabinet protection was the perfect solution. With many different trades working in small areas at breakneck speed, this cabinet protection was invaluable!

Here's an article written by Heather that describes the benefits of using cabinet protection during remodeling.https://ezinearticles.com/?Cabinet-Protection-Saves-Builders-Money&%20id=5694035

Protecta-Foam™ works great as a tub protection too. Just cover the contours of the tub and you've got a scratch-resistant and water-resistant protection. Can be used under plywood as a low cost padding to protect against scratches. Although Protecta-Foam™ has safely protected thousands of wood cabinets throughout the U.S.A and Canada. 

 As with any adhesive product, be sure to test on your cabinet finishes prior to complete application.  


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