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Kontrol Kube Topsider 10' System

The vinyl TopSider containment unit is a low cost unit designed for quick jobs and infrequent use.  Kontrol Kube’s are mobile containment and isolation units designed to be set up quickly and easily to establish a temporary negative pressure environment. They are ideal for the control of airborne particulate during hospital renovations, construction and repairs; or for temporary patient isolation and increased surge capacity. Containment system Includes: TopSider Enclosure 10', UniFrame 10', Unit Wheelbase.  Does not include air scrubber or base as pictured.

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The Kontrol Kube Topsider adjusts to ceilings of up to 10’ when overhead containment is needed for maintenance or repairs such as cabling, light bulb replacement, HVAC access or any other above ceiling work. The unit can also be used for side wall access when performing work such as plumbing or installing power and communications outlets. With a 30” wide wheel base the unit can be quickly moved through all AIA and NFPA compliant doors to any area where dust and particulate control is needed.

  • Access walls and ceilings of up to 10’
  • Moves easily throughout the facility
  • Eliminates the need for disposable barrier materials
  • Simplifies clean up
  • Designed for daily use
  • Easier to inspect than traditional barriers

Kontrol Kube Containment Units are built from all industrial components from durable materials. When purchasing a Kontrol Kube you have the added assurance of knowing you are purchasing a product from the company that started mobile containment over 25 years ago. Time tested, our containment units are hands down the best mixture of durability and flexibility available.

The Fire rated nylon reinforced vinyl enclosure is highly tear resistant and offers great cleanability with a simple design that addresses the core requirements of portable containment.

The Topsider comes with a solid aluminum frame and wheelbase making it the perfect tool for light fixture repair, ceiling tile access, cabling and inspections throughout the facility.

Negative air base wheel base and Negative air machines sold separately.

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