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Jimmer A/C Vent Filter Bag 24" x 24" Pack of 10

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Quick Overview

NEW PRODUCT! The Jimmer is a pre-taped breatheable vent filter protection which allows the HVAC system to run without restricting airflow. The Jimmer is easy to install and remove and there is no need to remove grilles. The filter will help contain construction debris when doing remodeling, renovations, demolitions and floor rip outs. One package contains 10 filter bags 24" x 24"


THE JIMMER vent filter is very easy to attach and remove. The painter's tape is already adhered to the breathable filter fabric, and will fit over most vent openings. The tape will stick to most interior surfaces including dry wall, wood, metal, and acoustic ceiling tiles. The tape is easily removed without causing damage even to newly painted surfaces.

  • Easy to install and remove
  • Your customers will see that you care
  • Give yourself a competitive edge and close more sales
  • No need to remove grilles
  • Pre-taped and no cutting required
  • The breathable filter media allows you to run the system without restricting air flow
Why let debris fly out of air vents and create problems for your customers and employees when HVAC work is being performed, between the return grille to the air vent? This includes change-outs, duct repair and replacement, plenum work, blowers (motors, housing, parts), etc in residential, commercial and institutional applications. THE JIMMER is a pre-taped filter bag that is easily applied and removed. In the past, HVAC contractors have struggled with ways to eliminate debris from entering living spaces. Technicians do their best to clean up, but as we all know it's nearly impossible to find it all. The last thing anyone wants is to have dirt, insulation fiberglass, rust, metal shavings or anything else found in or on beds, electronic equipment, clothes, dining areas, clean rooms, offices, etc. The reason for performing any work on a system is to improve air quality, as well as, to leave the customer feeling as if every precaution was taken!!! THE JIMMER is one more way for you to show you have their best interest in mind. (THE JIMMER should not replace the primary filter)



  • Prevents dust and debris from entering the ducts
  • Extends the life of the primary filter
  • Protects the air handler coils
  • Is visible, so you know when to change the filters



  • Catches debris as it exits the ducts before it falls into living spaces
  • Eliminates vacuuming
  • You can balance the system with the filters on

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