Ram Board

Ram Board and Ram Board Plus are heavy-duty, temporary floor protection engineered for Contractors. Designed with cost and efficiency in mind, each protection board roll lays out fast and is re-usable.

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  1. Ram Board (38" wide x 100 ft. long)

    Ram Board is contractor grade construction board. It is a thick, 48...
  2. $16.95

    Ram Board Vapor Cure Tape

    Vapor-Cure breathable construction tape allows vapors and moisture...
  3. $10.95

    Ram Board Seam Tape

    Seam Tape is designed to hold Ram Board seams together. Each roll...
  4. $29.95

    Ram Board Home Edition

    Ram board Home Edition™ carries the same properties of Ram...
  5. $254.25

    Case Ram Board Vapor Cure Tape

    Case pricing on popular Vapor-Cure breathable construction...
  6. $149.95

    Case of Ram Board Seam Tape

    Purchase a case of Seam Tape and save!  Rolls are designed to...
  7. $14.99

    New! Ram Board Multi-Cutter

    Multi-Cutter is an all-new handheld tool for cutting/trimming floor...
  8. Special Price $25.95 Regular Price $29.97

    Ram Board Painter's Board

    Ram Board Painter's Board is an all-new temporary floor protection...
  9. $179.99

    Tape Applicator for Seam Tape

    The Ram Board Tape Applicator is a handheld tool that allows builders...

9 Item(s)

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