Floor Protection

Floor protection and hard wood floor or laminate protection products include adhesive films, coverguard, clean and safe, surface pro, Ram board, cardboard and other surface protection. These easy to use temporary hard surface protection products save you time and money!

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  1. $295.72

    Coverguard Blue 10 mil (36 in. wide x 393 ft long)

    Coverguard® is a diamond bottom, FIRE RESISTANT, skid resistant,...
  2. $18.90

    Coverguard® Seam Tape (3" wide x 165 ft. long)

    Coverguard® Seam Tape is designed specifically to secure the...
  3. $29.95

    Ram Board Home Edition

    Ram board Home Edition™ carries the same properties of Ram...
  4. $46.40

    Fire Resistant Corrugated Plastic Sheets (4 ft x 8 ft)

    Fire Resistant Corrugated Plastic Sheets are lightweight,...
  5. $10.95

    Ram Board Seam Tape

    Seam Tape is designed to hold Ram Board seams together. Each roll...
  6. $144.50

    EZ Cover Temporary Concrete Protection (4 ft wide x 50 ft long)

    Two unique advantages this interior concrete protection and...
  7. $62.50

    Adhesive Mat Starter Pack with Frame (includes 1 mat of 30 pages)

     Now Available! Adhesive Starter Mat Kit with a rubber base and...
  8. $254.25

    Case Ram Board Vapor Cure Tape

    Case pricing on popular Vapor-Cure breathable construction...
  9. $149.95

    Case of Ram Board Seam Tape

    Purchase a case of Seam Tape and save!  Rolls are designed to...
  10. $14.99

    New! Ram Board Multi-Cutter

    Multi-Cutter is an all-new handheld tool for cutting/trimming floor...
  11. Special Price $25.95 Regular Price $29.97

    Ram Board Painter's Board

    Ram Board Painter's Board is an all-new temporary floor protection...
  12. $179.99

    Tape Applicator for Seam Tape

    The Ram Board Tape Applicator is a handheld tool that allows builders...
  13. $16.95

    Ram Board Vapor Cure Tape

    Vapor-Cure breathable construction tape allows vapors and moisture...

Items 19-31 of 31

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