Window protection 6 months with UV

Window Film 60 day (24" wide x 600 ft long)

Wide edge protector

Edge ProTect; Box of 12, Window Mullion, Jamb & Edge Protection

Edge ProTect; Box of 6, Window Mullion, Jamb & Edge Protection

Edge ProTect is an award winning, thick and impact resistant temporary surface protection designed for large edges and mullions. At 4" wide, these protectors cover the most damage prone area of window mullions or provide additional edge protection for walls or door jambs. They are professional quality at 0.225 inches and can provide great impact protection on corner and edges.  Reusable and recyclable. Available in boxes of 6 or call us for larger quantities at a discount.

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This wide edge protection is made from a thick and impact resistant V-Board, and provides wall edge protection, door jamb protection and window mullion protection. It is made from recycled cardboard fibers, and is .225" thick. It measures 4" x 4" x 48". Edge ProTect is sold in boxes of 6. Installation and removal are fast and simple, just tape it into place and remove when done. Tape may not be necessary on flat surfaces. This is an incredibly easy way to protect hallway corners and window mullions from electrical cord damage, as well as impact damage. Great for window sill protection from dog scratches. Edge Protect is a new, larger variation of our popular product Edge Pro. Reusable and Recyclable.

To learn more about Edge ProTect's application on curtain walls, click here to read our published article.

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