HEPA Vacuums and Air Scrubbers

Control job site dust with HEPA vacuums and negative air machines. These Hepa Vacuumns and air scrubbers eliminate harmful particles in the air and are a must have for any hospital work or lead paint removal.  

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  1. $709.00

    Hepa Vacuum with Tool Set (Professional Quality)

    The powerful V8000WD Canister-Style, Wet/Dry HEPA Vacuum is an...
  2. $709.00

    Hip Mounted Hepa Vacuum with Tool Kit

    The ergonomic and ultra-lightweight V1300H hip-mounted HEPA model is...
  3. $980.00

    Air Scrubber PREDATOR 750

    Amazing Air Purification Performance in a Portable Scrubber. An easy...
  4. $995.00

    Metal Air Scrubber PAS600

    The 600 CFM Portable, Metal Air Scrubber is Lighter and...
  5. $6,100.00

    Metal Air Scrubber PAS5000

    The Most Powerful Portable Air Scrubber Available for Large...

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