Counter Top Film 24" wide x 200' long

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Counter Top Film is a self-adhesive surface protection film designed to protect counter tops from workman activities during production, transportation, shipping or installation.

Simply roll Counter top film onto surface and it acts like a second skin, protecting from scratching, paint overspray, debris etc. Each 24" wide x 200 ft long roll covers 400 sq. ft.



Our 3.0 mil thick, Counter Top Film leaves others behind. We use a superior water-based adhesive that holds well yet releases cleanly when finished. Blue tinted 3 Mil polyethylene film with water-based adhesive system


  1. Short term counter top protection
  2. Clean release for easy removal without adhesive transfer
  3. Suitable for indoor use up to 45 days.


Designed to protect most nonporous counter top surfaces. The most economical way to protect your valuable counter tops from scratches! For heavy duty impact protection, check out Tack Guard Bubble.

Interested in learning more about Countertop Protection? Click Here to read our published article about the different types of Countertop Protection. 

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