ALL PROTECT Vertical and Horizontal protection

ALL PROTECT Vertical and Horizontal protection

Red Rosin Paper (Heavy Weight)

Red Rosin Paper is a 36" x 166' (498 sqft) roll of heavy weight paper that is perfect for light-duty surface protection applications. This is the Heavy Weight variety of Rosin Paper, meaning that it is thicker and stronger than other competitors' standard Rosin Paper. Rosin Paper is an ideal moisture barrier, making it great for paint, plaster, and floor protection. Easily cut to size and to tape on, Rosin Paper is quick and easy to apply. 

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Red Rosin Paper

Our Heavy Weight Red Rosin Paper is designed to be a liquid and dirt barrier against paint, spackel, plaster, dirt, and other common interior debris. At 36" x 166', Red Rosin Paper can easily be taped down to protect walkways. Stairs, floors, countertops, and walls can all be quickly protected with Rosin Paper. 

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