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Lead Clean-Up Towels (90 per pack) 8" wide x 12" long

Lead Containment Stickers (20)

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Lead containment stickers are 3" x 5" wide and can be used to identify contaminated lead waste when performing remodeling work. Bottom of sticker has lines for Name of Generator, City and State 20 per roll

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DANGER Lead Labels for Containment Bags - Danger Contains Lead Contaminants

Easily affix the Self-Adhesive Danger Label to disposal bags other places where it is important to warn others of the presence of lead.


  • Self-adhesive paper labels measure 4 x 6”.
  • Label reads, “Danger Contains Lead Contaminates”
  • Includes blank spaces to identify “Name of Generator”, “City”, and “State”.


Use with our Heavy Duty Plastic bags (6.0 mil) to label lead contaminated waste.  


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