Proguard Duracover Commercial Floor Protection

Duracover is a temporary plastic lined, reusable floor protection product for use on floors of all types. In addition to protection against damage from standard construction supplies, Duracover resists water, oils, and petroleum based products. Duracover is also reusable with customers normally using it 3 times or more. Proguard Duracover can be easily removed at the completion of the project, revealing a clean floor that requires minimal cleanup. Call us for quantity discounts or alternate shipping methods which may be less expensive. Duracover is sold in rolls of 6' x 150', totalling 900 sqft.
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Duracover is a low cost, reusable, multi-ply, textured floor protection membrane laminated with a non-woven polypropylene geotextile to make a plastic lined, reusable floor protection product. Proguard provides protection from construction traffic, equipment, gypsum wall board, dust, and all other construction related materials. It is oil-resistant, and also provides protection from petroleum-based compounds. Duracover is easy to tape in place, and it can be easily cut to shape any floor. Duracover can be quickly removed at the completion of a job, and it can be washed and brushed off for use at another job site.



Duracover is sold in 6' x 150' rolls providing 900 sqft of protection per roll. At $.44 per square foot, Duracover is an affordable way to keep your decorative concrete, wood, or tile floors clean and damage free. Used only 3 times, this low cost floor protection costs only 15 cents per sq ft, much less expensive than other floor protection products. Duracover can be provided in single rolls, as well as in pallet quantities of 25.


SCOFIELD Proguard Duracover is:

  • Oil and impact resistant
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Ideal for use on: Decorative Concrete Terrazzo Ceramic Tile Pavers Wood Composite
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