red polyethylene tape

Red Polyethylene Tape (Case of 24)

Black vinyl tape 3 inches wide

Black Polyethylene Tape 3" wide

Black Polyethylene Tape 2" wide

ON SALE NOW with LIMITED QUANTITY! Black Polyethylene Tape is a great multi-purpose, professional quality construction tape. Great for indoor projects or short term outdoor. Does not have UV retarders.  Also known as stucco tape.  2" wide x 180 ft. long. 1 roll.

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Black Polyethylene Tape is a great multi-purpose construction tape. Professional grade quality will cleanly release from roll for easy use.  Use indoors or for short-term outside projects. Does not have UV retarders and may result in adhesive transfer if left on too long in direct sunlight. High quality, 2" wide x 180 ft. long. 1 roll

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